Fury Dance Competitions Rules and Regulations

Please read the following rules carefully as rules and regulations are updated each year. By entering a Fury Dance Competition you agree to all rules, policies and procedures set forth by Fury Dance Competition. Failure to comply with these rules could result in disqualification, point deduction and/or rejection of entries.

Fury Dance Competition reserves the right to adjust the competition schedule as deemed necessary including but not limited to the addition of competition days/times. Entries will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis and will be limited depending on the time available at each regional location. Fury Dance Competition also reserves the right to change the competition location, if it becomes necessary due to circumstances beyond its control.

All entries must be postmarked 30 days prior to the competition start date. Fury Dance Competition only accepts entries On-line, by Mail or by E-mail; no phone entries will be accepted. Entries are not considered received without full studio payment, dance roster and dancer’s name and date of birth. Absolutely no on-site entries will be accepted. All entries must be pre-registered through the Fury Dance Competition office in order to participate in any competition.

Any entries received after 30 DAYS prior to competition date must be paid by money order or certified funds to include a late fee. Late fees are subject to a $10 per entry fee, if able to be added to the schedule. Fury Dance Competition accepts money order, certified check, credit cards or company checks. Payment must be postmarked 30 days prior to the first day of the competition to not incur a late fee.

A $25.00 charge for all checks returned by the bank to Fury Dance Competition will be assessed. All returned checks must be made good, including the $25.00 charge, within 10 days. Fury Dance Competition reserves the right to request all future payments be made by money order, certified check, or credit card from anyone whose check is dishonored.


Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group (4-8 dancers), Large Groups (9-14 dancers), Line (15-20 dancers), Production (21 or more dancers), Teacher, Pro/Am, and Parent Division.

Teacher, Pro/Am, and Parent Division are ineligible for overall awards. Teacher, Pro/Am and Parent Division include but are not limited to professional dancer, teacher or choreographer.

* Teacher, Pro/Am, or Parent Divisions will be for adjudication only.
* A “Teacher” or “Professional” is defined as a person age 20 and older, who receives any type of compensation, whether it is for teaching, performing, or demonstrating, regardless of how many hours per week are involved. Any number that has a performer that meets these criteria must enter the Teacher or Pro/AM Division.
* A “Parent” is defined as a person who is a parent or legal guardian of a student from a submitting studio.

* 8 and under “Petite”; 9-12 “Junior”; 13-15 “Teen”; 16-19 “Senior” and 20 and over “Adult”.
* Ages will be determined based on January 1st of the competition year.
* Duet/Trio, Groups and Lines age group will be determined by averaging the ages of all members of the group, the decimal will be dropped.
* A performer is only allowed to dance one level below their age division no matter the average age calculation.
* Fury Dance Competition has the right to request proof of age for any performer competing at the competition.

3. Competition Level:
· Beginner-dances 3 hours or less per week.
· Intermediate- dances 4 to 8 hours per week.
· Competitive-dances 9 or more hours per week. Competitive Division is open to all performers.

4. Title Competition:
To be eligible for the Title Category, performers have to perform a minimum of two solos to qualify. The solo with the highest points would be eligible for Title Winner.

5. Scores:
* Dancers performing multiple solos can only qualify one solo for overall awards. Highest scoring solo per dance qualifies for overall award.





85 – above

90 – above

95 – above

High Gold:

80 – 84

85 – 89

90 – 94


75 – 79

80 – 84

85 – 89

High Silver:

74 – below

79 – below

84 – below

Solos, Duet/Trio, Small Group, Teacher, Pro/Am and Parent time limit is 3 minutes; Large Groups time limit is 4 minutes, with Production Lines time limit 5 min. Studio is able to purchase additional time for $1 per minute per dancer per routine, at the discretion of Fury Dance Competition.

All music must be on a Thumb drive and formatted with the number and name of each routine. Example (Routine #-Song name) (115-Bad boys). NO CD’S WILL BE ACCEPTED. You may put all of your routines/music on one Thumb drive. You are required to have a backup Thumb drive or CDs, in the event the original device malfunctions. All devices should be clearly marked with the name of routine, studio and entry number. Fury Dance Competition is not responsible for the quality or compatibility of  the Thumb drives or CDs playback on the equipment available. All music must be edited to accommodate the routine. No request for speed control, fade out, etc. will be accommodated.

* Jazz – a routine that utilizes jazz technique such as splits, isolation, leaps, etc.
* Hip Hop – a dance that consists of the latest street dance style, as seen in current dance videos.
* Lyrical – a routine that is performed to the lyrics or mood of the music.
* Modern – a routine containing a contemporary style of dance.
* Contemporary- a routine containing both lyrical and modern movements.
* Musical Theatre – a routine performed to the music of a Broadway musical show or movie musical.
* Open – a routine that is a combination of any of the other categories; a routine that does not exactly fit any of the definitions of any other category.
* Pom Pon – a routine combining dance with the use of pom pons for at least 80% of the routine.
* Clogging – a routine which uses clogging technique.
* Acro/Gymnastics – a routine which contains primarily gymnastics tricks, including but not limited to, walkover, front/back limbers, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, etc. There should be a blend of gymnastics and dance.
* Tap – a routine utilizing tap technique and must be performed with tap shoes only.
* Character – a routine that portrays a character that is easily recognizable, i.e. a cat, dog, a movie or cartoon character.
* Ballet – a routine that consists of classical steps and ballet technique. Ballet shoes ONLY can be worn in this category.
* Pointe – a routine that consists of ballet/pointe technique. Pointe shoes ONLY can be worn in this category.
Unless the dance is categorized as Acro or Open there can only be 2 acro tricks in the performance. An Acro trick will be defined as any move in which your feet go over your head.

General props are permitted in any of the performance categories. However, no dangerous props, such as pyrotechnics, knives, swords, or anything of the like are permitted. Please be prepared to clean the stage in a timely manner after a routine which has left articles on stage such as confetti, feathers, etc. for the safety of all performers. All props must be in placed and also removed within 2 minutes of the performance. Props must be loaded in and out of venue on the same day they will be used. Fury Dance Competition will not allow props stored in the wings or backstage and is not responsible for props left overnight or unattended. Any prop possible of damaging the performance venue in any way due to dragging, weight, height, sharp points, etc. must have protective devices on the bottom to prevent any damage to venue flooring or Marley flooring. The entry for which the damage occurred will be disqualified and studio owner/directors will be held liable for all damage. No prop items of any kind may be thrown from stage into the audience of the house section of the theater. Props requiring an electric outlet are strictly prohibited. Self-powered props are allowed. No venue personnel assistance will be provided or permitted. Other than dancers, no person shall remain on stage during performances.

* VIDEOTAPING IS NOT PERMITTED. In order to protect a teacher’s choreography, no personal video cameras are permitted in the competition room. If a video camera is found Fury Dance Competition reserves the right to confiscate the video media and disqualify the act.
* Fury Dance Competition will provide the opportunity for each participant to purchase a video of his/her own solo performance(s). Group routine videos may be purchased if the order form is accompanied with an official signature from the teacher representing that group’s studio.
* Fury Dance Competition reserves the right to remove the media being used and/or those using it from the venue. These rules will be strictly enforced to protect the integrity of individual choreography.
* PHOTOGRAPHY: ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOGRAPHY IS PERMITTED DURING THE EVENT. Photography is only permitted during the award ceremony.
* Cellphones should be turned to the off or vibrate mode while seated in the theatre. Cellular phone use is only permitted in the lobby of the venue. Cellular phones used for photography or video-recording purposes will result in the disqualification of the affiliated organization.

Fury Dance Competition promotes a family atmosphere suitable for all ages. Fury Dance Competition requires that you edit music containing questionable lyrics or phrasing that would be considered inappropriate. Choreography must also be suited for family viewing. Therefore, any choreography displaying acts of violence, social prejudice or overt sexual innuendo would be deemed inappropriate. A mandatory 10-point deduction will be reflected on the score sheets of any entries deemed by the judges as not suitable for family viewing including costuming or the playing of questionable lyrics considered inappropriate. Fury Dance Competition reserves the right to terminate a routine at any point in the performance if necessary.

* Competition is open to the general public. No admission fee will be charged.
* Smoking is prohibited in all competition areas including backstage and dressing areas.
* No food or drink will be permitted in the competition, backstage, or seating areas of all facilities.
* For your safety and that of others, please do not block aisles or emergency exits.
* Please remove all personal items including litter from restrooms and dressing areas.
* Any person(s) who causes damage to venue property by either misuse or abuse will assume full financial responsibility for repair, replacement, and/or restitution. The aforementioned may result in the disqualification of the affiliated organization.
* No dressing room space will be assigned or saved for individual studios; all competitors must share space available. Please be considerate as to the belongings and personal space of others.

Please help Fury Dance Competition maintain a positive and respectful audience for all competitors. This includes, but is not limited to keeping quiet and not moving about during a performance. Applause is always welcomed and appreciated by the performers. Improper behavior may result in the disqualification of the affiliated organization. Sportsmanlike behavior is expected from all Fury Dance Competition participants, teachers, families, and all others in attendance. Failure to comply with this may result in a participant(s) or studio (s) disqualification.

Souvenir programs will be sold at registration desk for a nominal fee. Information contained in the souvenir program is provided by participating studios and Fury Dance Competition makes no representations or guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of such information. Fury Dance Competition assumes no responsibility for missing or misspelled names. Studios that do not provide correct and completed forms at the time of entry may not be included in the souvenir program. Changes requested after program is submitted may not be reflected in print.

Any performer who competes in a dance competition takes certain inherent risks. This includes, but is not limited to personal injuries, including sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, broken bones or even death. Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by performers. Therefore by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that (i) Fury Dance Competition assumes no legal liability for injuries or other losses as a result of such participation, and (ii) participants will not hold Fury Dance Competition, LLC and its officers, directors, staff or employees responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted while in attendance and/or participating in any activity related to a Fury Dance Competition.

By accepting the terms on our online registration, all registered participants (i.e., dancers, studio owners, choreographers and parents/guardians) give their permission and consent to Fury Dance Competition to use their choreography, photographs, electronic/video images, and/or likeness, for appearance on video, television, or any other electronic media for advertising, promotion, news coverage, and/or any other commercial use of our events without any form of compensation.

Fury Dance Competition is not responsible for any studio owner’s packet(s), awards, music or any personal belongings left or misplaced at a Fury Dance Competition event. Unclaimed items will not be mailed including score sheets, critiques, music and awards. Fury Dance Competition reserves the right to cancel any competition due to weather, number of entries, or any other circumstance deemed necessary. Fury Dance Competition has the right to reduce, substitute or consolidate divisions for cash awards, gift certificates, and trophies accordingly in cities with less than 200 total entries. Fury Dance Competition, LLC reserves the right to refuse any entry at any time for any reason.